Remember Who You Are : Seven Stages on a Woman’s Journey of Spirit – Paperback


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Each of us is born with a connection to a divine essence. When we look at women’s lives across cultures and life-stages, we can see that spiritual essence. Yet, in our everyday lives, we often lose connection. For each of us, rediscovering our shared and particular essence is our true life’s work. Remember Who You Are is a book to help us do just that. In Remember Who You Are, Linda Carroll shares her own discoveries and wisdom gleaned from other women’s lives and art, especially poetry, to guide us on a seven-stage journey of recollection, reconnection, and recovery. The stages, Forgetting, Remembering, Exploring, Practicing, Shadows on the Path, Reclaiming, all lead to Accepting, a condition woven throughout the stages. It is the knowledge that we never completely “arrive.” We are always on the path. We are always forgetting, exploring, practicing, struggling, becoming, and remembering who we are.

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