Ritual Box For Surrendering & Releasing


A curated box of ethically sourced tools for an energy-clearing ritual.
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Why we love this

Within this box, you’ll find all the elements you need to perform a powerful cord-cutting releasing ritual. When approached with intention and a clear mind and heart, this ceremony can help you to release emotional, mental and spiritual energies that are no longer serving you.


We created this box to help you release things in your life that are no longer serving you: regret, negativity, guilt, you name it. Along with a step-by-step guide to performing this cord-cutting releasing ritual, you will also find: a natural bundle of sweetgrass to smudge your space and to promote happiness and harmony; a Smells Like Spells Magic Nordic Rune candle, made with the essential oils of orange, cinnamon and cedar, which help to open the heart, boost optimism and confidence, and promote feelings of warmth and rejuvenation; three strands of ethically sourced recycled linen yarn to symbolize your intentions; a vial of matches; a smoky quartz point crystal for grounding and cleansing; and two Herkimer diamonds for clarity, vitality and inner peace. We hope these offerings and this ritual help to uplift your spirit and elevate your life.

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Weight 8.0 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in


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