River Song Black Garnet Necklace with Tab Talisman


Black stones compliment 24 karat gold over sterling silver pendants


Why We Love This

Tiny black garnet stones are the backdrop for five handmade, embossed gold talisman pendants. Each talisman tab is marked with circular impressions suggesting the natural world.


Riversong jewelry designs are inspired by organic shapes and materials found in the natural world. Black garnet is said to have a grounding energy with stimulating vibrations that promote positivity. Gold is believed to attract wealth, happiness and goodwill. Here it lies in the number five, a number of balance that symbolizes humanity, love and health. It’s also associated with travel, journey and motion. The necklace measures 17 inches in length and has a 24-karat gold over sterling silver hook and eye closure. Riversong is committed to fair trade practices, ensuring the highest quality materials and most ethical methods. This all happens in their Seattle workshop where each piece is handmade.

About the Maker

With a past rooted in organic farming, it’s no surprise that Riversong jewelry owner and designer, River Burke, is inspired by organic forms and a reverence for the earth. Supporting fair trade business practices, stones are ethically sourced worldwide and cut by a generations-long family of stonecutters in India. Based in Seattle, Washington, Riversong jewelry reaches far and wide in its artistry and innovation.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 17 in


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