River Song Oxidized Sterling Silver Diamond Slice Studs

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Natural diamond slices are made into simple stud earrings


Why We Love This

These sustainably sourced diamonds are hand-sliced by a multi-generational family of gem cutters in India. Cut to enhance the stones’ natural brilliance, they reflect and create rich and colorful light.


Always attuned to the essences of the earth, Riversong’s diamond slice earrings are like specimens of nature. Easy to wear, day or night, these circles–naturally a feminine shape–represent the celestial world and are symbols of harmony, infinity and movement. Made with premium, fair trade diamonds, it said they bring longevity, balance and abundance. Handmade in Riversong’s Seattle workshop with the highest quality craftsmanship, each earring is approximately ¼” in diameter.

About the Maker

With a past rooted in organic farming, it’s no surprise that Riversong jewelry owner and designer, River Burke, is inspired by organic forms and a reverence for the earth. Supporting fair trade business practices, stones are ethically sourced worldwide and cut by a generations-long family of stonecutters in India. Based in Seattle, Washington, Riversong jewelry reaches far and wide in its artistry and innovation.

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