River Song Rectangle Talisman Necklace on Light Brown Nylon

A 24 karat gold over sterling silver embossed pendant to wear all day


Why We Love This

A rectangle represents order and stability. This talisman necklace is embossed with an organic pattern that reminds us of the natural world.


The rectangle–an earthbound shape symbolizing rationality and honesty–is strengthened by the gold and silver it’s made from. Gold is said to clear negative energy and attract goodwill. Its five circular-shaped markings embossed in its surface reflect the natural world and its cycles. Five, a number associated meditation and versatility, is meant to reflect our five senses. Strung on 16 inches of finely braided light brown nylon, with a shell flower button closure at the nape of the neck, this modern design is handmade in Riversong’s Seattle workshop.

About the Maker

With a past rooted in organic farming, it’s no surprise that Riversong jewelry owner and designer, River Burke, is inspired by organic forms and a reverence for the earth. Supporting fair trade business practices, stones are ethically sourced worldwide and cut by a generations-long family of stonecutters in India. Based in Seattle, Washington, Riversong jewelry reaches far and wide in its artistry and innovation.

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