River Song Slender Gold Talisman Cuff


A slim gold cuff gold reflects shapes of the organic world

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Why We Love This

This simple, thin cuff effortlessly slips on to the wrist for instant adornment, adding a warmth and shimmer. We love a classic cuff that can be worn day to night, casual to formal; this one is made from 24-karat old over sterling sliver.


A talisman is an object endowed with powers. Gold, considered the “master healer” of metals, is said to clear negative energy and attract feelings of comfort. To embellish the body is to honor the body and Riversong jewelry does just that. The bracelet’s styling reflects indigenous cultures and their reverence for the natural world and its seasons, seen in the primal pattern embossed into the surface that faces out. Riversong, inspired by exotic cultures and organic forms, is committed to fair trade business relationships ensuring the highest quality and most ethical methods.

About the Maker

With a past rooted in organic farming, it’s no surprise that Riversong jewelry owner and designer, River Burke, is inspired by organic forms and a reverence for the earth. Supporting fair trade business practices, stones are ethically sourced worldwide and cut by a generations-long family of stonecutters in India. Based in Seattle, Washington, Riversong jewelry reaches far and wide in its artistry and innovation.

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