Sacred Palo Santo Smudge Stick Bundle


Smudge stick of herbs and tied together with a piece of palo santo wood


Why We Love This

A bundle of sacred herbsówhite sage, sweetgrass, lavender, and rosesóalong with a stick of palo santo, is a heady combination. When this smudge stick is lit, the woody-minty scent wafts through the air, mixing with the herbsí floral essences to create a cleansing and healing aura and give a space fresh energy.


The smudging ritualóin which a bundle of sacred herbs is lit, creating a fragrant smoke that cleanses the airóis a traditional ceremonial practice of the Native Americans, though it has been used among Buddhists and Hindus as well. The smoke is said to bless a space and rebalance one’s life. The palo santo scent, which means ìHoly Wood,î dates back to the Incan empire and is linked to shamanic rituals. It comes from a tree that produces a non-allergenic resin said to be soothing for colds, asthma and arthritis. Traditionally, the tip of a smudge stick is lit over a ceremonial bowl or shell, which is then carried around the space to be cleansed while one gently blows on the embers. A feather is sometimes used to fan the smoke about. After smudging, the bundle is extinguished in the container with sand and saved for future use. Each stick is about 5″ and is wrapped with naturally dyed organic thread.

About the Maker

Adrienne Fisher, the founder of Meraki Nomad, has a Native American background, a wanderer’s curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the sacred arts. A nomadic spirit inspires her company’s handmade goods, sourced through her travels around the world and chosen with a passion for healing and ritual. Her collection of makers’works is curated with a dedication to telling the story of an object, revealing its inspiration, and most of all, its soul.

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