Sacred Smudge Stick with Crystal


Fragrant dried herbs wrapped in twine with a healing rose quartz crystal


Why We Love This

The ritual of lighting a sacred smudge stick fills a space with an enchanting, woody scent that clears and rebalances the air. Healing crystals add their add their own nuance to the ceremony and atmosphere. Rose quartz is a high-energy stone that is said to emanate a loving spirit.


Palo santo, which comes from the sacred tree of the same name, is linked to ancient shamanic rituals. In a smudge stick it emits a fresh, woody aroma that is also said to be therapeutic for colds and allergies. Traditionally, the tip of a smudge stick is lit over a ceremonial bowl or shell, which is then carried around the space to be cleansed; sometimes a feather is used to fan the embers and wave the smoke about. Healing crystals are often used as part of the smudging ritual. Rose quartz, called the “love stone,”ù opens the heart chakra, enhancing love of all kinds. This particular stone l is thought to raise self-esteem and self-worth, teaching us to love ourselves and others. The pocket-sized crystal comes in a handmade pouch.

About the Maker

Adrienne Fisher, the founder of Meraki Nomad, has a Native American background, a wanderer’s curiosity, and a deep appreciation for the sacred arts. A nomadic spirit inspires her company’s handmade goods, sourced through her travels around the world and chosen with a passion for healing and ritual. Her collection of makers’works is curated with a dedication to telling the story of an object, revealing its inspiration, and most of all, its soul.

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