Sari Fragment Scarf

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Vivid vintage saris are re-created in a rich wrap


Why We Love This

Vintage saris are ethically sourced from native villages and up-cycled into these stunning wraps. We love how various colors and patterns are melded together in a new and modern design. Made from 100% cotton and printed with traditional techniques, They’re timeless and practical.


Saris are an ancient symbol of grace and have been worn for centuries by women in southern Asian cultures. Large swaths of handwoven cottonólushly dyed, printed and embellishedóare customarily worn over lightweight clothes and wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff. Aunti Oti’s vintage saris are hand-selected and stitched together according to their individual colors and patterns, creating a modernized version. The maker believes handmade products add quality to our lives. We agree.

About the Maker

Village to village in every region of India, Auntie Oti seeks essential articles for a meaningful lifestyle. All goods, whether home wares or clothing, are handmade by skilled artisanóforgers, dyers, weaversóborn into a tradition of community-based textile production. Everything, from bowls to shawls, show an attention to detail from materials to craftsmanship not found in mass production. No two pieces are alike, which only makes them more special.

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