Scents of Awe Chakra Oil

An artisanal blend of fragrant essences created to stimulate the energies at the top of the head


Why We Love This

This aromatic combination of frankincense, angelica, poplar, rosemary, clary sage, juniper berry, laurel, palo santo, and jojoba uses the sense of smell to guide the energy at the top of the body into alignment with all the forces of nature, for a clear connection.


The crown chakra is known as our portal to the heavens. When It’s in good working order, it’s a pipeline to cosmic goodies like illumination, transcendence, selflessness, integrity and wisdom. A blocked crown chakra, though, can bring negative effects, including headaches, depression, neuroses, and even psychosis. This inspired alchemy of aromatics opens the skylightsówith elements that have been used since ancient times to connect with the divine. Applying a drop or two at the scalp is a practice that keeps the crown in luminous shape, unblocking energetic pathways between the top of the head and the universal energy that surrounds us. It’s also a healthy treat for the hair and scalp.

About the Maker

After discovering that anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, Paula Ferraro began blending high-vibe aromatic essences to rub on her belly during pregnancy. She researched botanical blends and how they connect us to the forces of nature, and soon a business grew up alongside her baby. Working with suppliers who share a vision for ethical production, Scents of Awe reflects both Paula’s Native American heritage, and her informed point of view.

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