Scents of Awe Leather Ritual Kit Bag

A handcrafted ritual kit, created by master leather artisan Julian Imrie, for carrying essential oils


Why We Love This

These powerful potions can be packed up to go and carried in a bag that respects their energy. This hand-stitched leather one will take care of them, as it was made with heart and soul. We love the way it’s wrapped to close.


The carrying case for potent essential oils becomes part of the usage ritual. The way it unfolds, the way its laces wind around and gently bind the body of it, cradling the bottles and holding space for each one—all this affects the experience. Known for making some of the world’s most covetable custom boots, Julian Imrie uses naturally vegetable tanned leathers of the finest quality to create this bag, achieving a quality that enhances any sacred experience.

About the Maker

After discovering that anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, Paula Ferraro began blending high vibe aromatic essences to rub on her belly during pregnancy. She researched botanical blends and how they connect us to the forces of nature, and soon a business grew up alongside her baby. Working with suppliers who share a vision for ethical production, Scents of Awe reflects both Paula’s Native American heritage, and her informed point of view.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 oz



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