Scents of Awe Sweet Sweat Deodorant


A safe, natural deodorant uses botanicals to work with sweat instead of fighting it

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Why We Love This

This makes so much sense to us. Frankincense, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, red cedar and jojoba transform the scent of sweat into a pleasant, sweet-smelling form, instead of trying to annihilate it.


Many people are becoming more conscious of what we apply to our skin, especially in places like underarms. And companies are addressing this concern with safe, anti-bacterial and plant-based solutions that are alternatives to harsh chemicals. Scents of Awe uses herbs and botanicals to create safe lotions, salves and oils. Sweet Sweat Deodorant is a potent, anti-bacterial roll-on deodorant that protects the lymphatic system while turning sweat into something naturally scented, too.

About the Maker

After discovering that anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, Paula Ferraro began blending high vibe aromatic essences to rub on her belly during pregnancy. She researched botanical blends and how they connect us to the forces of nature, and soon a business grew up alongside her baby. Working with suppliers who share a vision for ethical production, Scents of Awe reflects both Paula’s Native American heritage, and her informed point of view.

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