Seagan Eating : The Lure of a Healthy, Sustainable Seafood + Vegan Diet


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“People choose to become vegan for different reasons, but for some it’s tough to stick to such a strict diet. Seagan Eating offers a healthy alternative by motivating you to adopt a “seagan” diet–largely plant-based but including seafood. At the same time, the book discourages ‘evil’ ingredients and addresses many of today’s food conundrums (GMOs, organic versus nonorganic, etc.). A recipe section features easy-to-make fish dishes, plus some of Amy’s most decadent vegan recipes. As with the authors’ first book,The Vegan Cheat Sheet, all recipes are oil-free. It’s the ultimate manual for delicious, healthful eating. You will learn to: Maximize your nutrient intake with plant-based, nutrient-dense foods, along with omega 3 rich fish. Enjoy more freedom when preparing meals or dining out by including some seafood in your diet. Prepare satisfying portions by eliminating or lightening up on unhealthy fats. Avoid the ‘bad boys’ (additives, sugars, trans fats, etc.). Use healthy replacements for popular ‘guilty pleasures’ (i.e., fast food and junk food)”–

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