Secret of Letting Go


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Llewellyn is proud to present the revised and expanded edition of our best-selling self-help book,The Secret of Letting Go by Guy Finley. Featuring an attractive new cover and fresh material, this Finley classic has been updated inside and out.

With more than 200,000 copies sold, Guy Finley’s message of self-liberation has touched people around the world. Discover how to extinguish self-defeating thoughts and habits that undermine true happiness. Exploring relationships, depression, and stress, his inspiring words can help you let go of debilitating anxiety, unnecessary anger, paralyzing guilt, and painful heartache. True stories, revealing dialogues, and thought-provoking questions will guide you toward the endless source of inner strength and emotional freedom that resides within us all.

“There is something profoundly healing in the way Guy Finley talks to us, as if he understands what we have gone through and what we are now capable of.”
‰ÛÓHugh Prather, author of Notes to Myself

“Guy Finley is one of the most respected people in self-development because he guides the seeker’s soul with common sense, humor, and ultimate spirituality.”
‰ÛÓLinda Mackenzie, general manager,

“Guy Finley’s insights are an absolute goldmine of true wisdom . . . he is simply one of the best at describing the inner game and awakening to a higher level of self.”‚Ä∞√õ√ìKaren King, co-founder,


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