Secret Teachings of Aikido – Hardcover


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The Secret Teachings of Aikido is a collection of the spiritual teachings of Aikido’s legendary founder. In the book, Morihei Ueshiba explains how Aikido is both the spirit of love and the study of that spirit. The author reflects on the rich and varied landscape of Aikido philosophy, discussing how Aiki is the marvelous functioning of breath, known as ki (chi), and how through diligent use of Aikido’s breathing techniques the practitioner can achieve true harmony. The author urges the reader to link to the universe through Aikido, to train, and ultimately to unify the divine and the human. He also explains the essence of Takemusu aiki (valorous force of procreation and harmony), and Misogi (the ritual of purifying oneself), as well as discussing Aikido’s relationship to the spirit and body-these form the very essence of Aikido.

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