Selenite Star Tealight Holder

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A votive candleholder made from translucent crystal

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Why We Love This

A solid block of selenite stone is hand carved into a five-sided star with an inner well perfectly sized to hold a votive candle. The natural texture and qualities of the crystal are left intact making the star look as if it is made of ice. We love clustering several together for a candlelit constellation.


Because selenite is translucent, the flame light inside this selenite candleholder glows from within. It is a type of crystalline gypsum, that is transparent and colorless and has been used for windows in ancient sacred spaces such as Santa Sabina in Rome, built in the 5th century. Named for Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, selenite has long been associated with lunar energies. Crystal healing practitioners link it to instinct, intuition and inner wellbeing.

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