Sepher Raziel : Also Know as Liber Salomonis : A 1564 English Grimoire from Sloane MS 3826


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Sepher Raziel‰ÛÓalso called Liber Salomonis‰ÛÓis a full grimoire in the Solomonic tradition from a sixteenth century manuscript. It contains seven books: theClavis, concerned with astrology and its use in magic, with precise interactions between planets, Signs, and Houses; theAla, outlining the magical virtues of stones, herbs, and animals; the Tractatus Thymiamatus, which determines perfumes and suffumigations used in the Art; aTreatise of Times detailing the correct hours of the day for each operation; aTreatise on Preparations on ritual purity, and abstinence; Samaim, on the different heavens and their angels; and finally, aBook of Names and their virtues and properties, being seven semiforas of Adam and seven semiforas of Moses.

The Sepher Raziel text is given in two forms: a literal transcription with no changes in spelling or wording and a modern English version.

This volume also includes a foreword which offers an overview of Raziel manuscripts, which represent a number of independent traditions, an essay on the literature of Solomonic magic in English, an introduction to theSepher Raziel manuscript presented, an appendix on incense nomenclature as a supplement toTractatus Thymiamatus, a list of printed notices and manuscript sources ofSepher Raziel, and a full bibliography of printed works on Solomonic magic and items of related interest.


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