Shambhala : Sacred Path of the Warrior – Hardcover


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In this best-selling guide to enlightened living, Ch̦gyam Trungpa offers an inspiring vision for our time, modeled on the universal archetypal symbol of the peaceful warrior. In ancient times, the warrior learned to master the challenges of life, both on and off the battlefield. He acquired a sense of courage and power‰ÛÓnot through violence or aggression, but through gentleness, courage, and self-knowledge. With this book the warrior’s path is opened to contemporary men and women in search of self-mastery and greater fulfillment. Interpreting the warrior’s journey in contemporary terms, Trungpa shows that in discovering the basic goodness of human life, the warrior learns to radiate that goodness out into the world for the peace and sanity of others. The Shambhala teachings‰ÛÓnamed for the legendary Himalayan Kingdom where prosperity and happiness reign‰ÛÓpoint to the potential for enlightened conduct that exists within every human being.

The Shambhala Library is a series of exquisitely designed and produced cloth editions of the world’s spiritual and literary classics, both ancient and modern. Perfect for collecting or as gifts, each volume features a sewn binding, decorative endsheets, and a ribbon marker‰ÛÓin a delightful-to-hold 4å_ x 6å_ trim size.

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