Shocking Assassination

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Reverend Mother Aquinas is asked to prove a young man‰_s innocence in the second of this atmospheric new Irish historical mystery series.

Ireland. 1924. Reverend Mother Aquinas is buying buttered eggs in the Cork city market at the very moment when the city engineer, James Doyle, is assassinated. Although no one saw the actual killing, a young reporter named Sam O‰_Mahoney is found standing close to the body, a pistol in his hand, and is arrested and charged.

Following a desperate appeal from Sam‰_s mother, convinced of her son‰_s innocence, the Reverend Mother investigates ‰ÛÒ and, in this turbulent, war-torn city, uncovers several other key suspects. Could there be a Republican connection? Was James Doyle‰_s death linked to his corrupt practices in the rebuilding of the city, burned down more than a year ago by the Black and Tans? Cork is a city divided by wealth and by politics: this murder seems to have links to both.

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