Shoyeido Johin Incense Coils


An all-natural coil of spicy and earthy incense burns long and clean

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Why We Love This

Incense coils are a great shape and create a very long burn, ideal for a special event or to scent a large room. This original scent, a blend of cinnamon, sandalwood, clove, star anise and camphor, is made with only all-natural ingredients. With no additives, this burns evenly and cleanly for up to eight hours.


A modern and natural way to enhance atmosphere, use this incense to deepen yoga or meditation practices, enliven social settings, or simply for relaxation. With a blending process considered an art form, this fragrance is made using centuries-old techniques with the finest herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods from around the world. For more than 300 years, Shoyeido has been known for the quality and high-standards of its products. Gently open the coil into a hive shape and place on a burner or hang with the attached string on the Seventh Night Coil Suspension Holder. Fourteen large coils come in a beautifully patterned paper box.

About the Maker

In Kyoto, Japan, the Hata family has created high-quality incense, fragrances and related items for 12 generations. Considered a form of art, their particular blending method combines hand-selected, all-natural, raw materials using centuries-old recipes and techniques. The finest herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods are gathered from around the world for their fragrances, which they consider modern, natural solutions for enhancing atmosphere. Committed to eco-friendly business practices, all materials are responsibly harvested.

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