Shoyeido Seventh Night Coil Incense Holder

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A delicate mobile of a metal incense burner to be used with incense coils


Why We Love This

Simple, lightweight and durable, this golden metal incense burner allows a large, long-burning coil of solid scent to hang as it releases its lingering, even fragrance. Open an incense coil and gently hang its string on the hook at the top of the arm.


Designed for a coil of incense, which can burn for up to eight hours, use this suspension holder to scent a large room or create ambiance for a long event. The arm supports the hive-shape of the opened incense coil over the metal dish to catch the ashes as the incense smolders. After 12 generations, Shoyeido continues the tradition of Japanese incense practices with their high-quality, artisan-made products. Made in Kyoto, Japan.

About the Maker

In Kyoto, Japan, the Hata family has created high-quality incense, fragrances and related items for 12 generations. Considered a form of art, their particular blending method combines hand-selected, all-natural, raw materials using centuries-old recipes and techniques. The finest herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods are gathered from around the world for their fragrances, which they consider modern, natural solutions for enhancing atmosphere. Committed to eco-friendly business practices, all materials are responsibly harvested.

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