Shoyeido Traditional Scented Body Powder

An earthy and refreshing body fragrance made from all-natural incense powder

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Why We Love This

Incense body powder, known as Zu-koh in Japan, expands the incense experience by providing the relaxing and grounding effects of incense, as well as its uplifting scent, all day long. This unisex, natural-smelling fragrance is a blend of cinnamon, patchouli and Borneo camphor.


Like cooking with herbs and spices, the heat of the body enhances the scent of body powder. Containing nothing artificial, it is ideal for sensitive types. Based upon ancient fragrance recipes from a sacred temple on Mount Koya, these were first used by scribes to increase awareness and clarity while copying the Sutras. For over 300 years, Shoyeido has been making the finest quality fragrance products in Kyoto, Japan. Upholding high material and production standards, they continue the craft and tradition of incense. Apply like a perfume, by dabbing a small amount on wrists or ear lobes. Each paper packet contains one half ounce.

About the Maker

In Kyoto, Japan, the Hata family has created high-quality incense, fragrances and related items for 12 generations. Considered a form of art, their particular blending method combines hand-selected, all-natural, raw materials using centuries-old recipes and techniques. The finest herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods are gathered from around the world for their fragrances, which they consider modern, natural solutions for enhancing atmosphere. Committed to eco-friendly business practices, all materials are responsibly harvested.

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