Sidai Designs Leather Cuff Bracelet

Suede cuff bracelet with white glass beads from Maasai craftswomen


Why We Love This

This intricately beaded leather piece was inspired by the jewelry worn by the Maasai tribe’s Sipolio warriors. The attention to design is apparent not only in the white beading, but also on the closure, which is made with delicate, soft leather lace and an adjustable sterling silver fastening.


The rich heritage of the Tanzanian tribal Maasai culture is a strong influence for this cuff and for most of the Sidai Design collection. Using upcycled materials including old canisters and yogurt containers, and made entirely by hand, this piece reflects both the traditions of the tribal people in the collaborative and a contemporary aesthetic. The synergy of the two gives this cuff bracelet a special sense of purpose. Feel good knowing that this collection helps preserve the beading traditions and sustains the Maasai women and their families economically.

About the Maker

Sidai means good or beautiful in the Maasai tribal language, Maa. Sidai Designs is a socially driven enterprise with a workshop based in Arusha in Northern Tanzania that employs more than 50 Maasai women. The company creates contemporary luxury beaded jewelry, based on traditional Maasai beading techniques and artistry. Founded in 2011 as a non-profit, Sidai Designs supports Tanzanian Maasai women by providing economic empowerment, fair wages and by using fair trade practices. Sidai Designs is passionate in its mission to overcome poverty and improve women’s social standing; it also provides tremendous hope and a sense of purpose.

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