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The modern world is a toxic place, and we‚Äö√Ñ√¥ve all become less healthy because of it, whether it is from the air that we breathe or the foods that we eat. Natasha Kyssa is a raw foods chef and lifestyle coach, and her company SimplyRaw helps people improve their health and well-being by integrating simple, natural-based guidelines into their current lifestyles. This informative and useful manual outlines Natasha’s twenty-eight-day detox program, which includes only raw and ‚Äö√Ñ√∫living‚Äö√Ñ√π foods (i.e., those that have been lightly steamed). It is a gentle, effective method to cleanse the body of toxins and to provide optimal nourishment for healing. The author believes that we can heal ourselves naturally to mend the damage done to our bodies due to unhealthy environments and improper food choices.

Raw diets have become all the rage lately, and Natasha believes that proper digestion, essential for one’s health and vitality, can be greatly improved by an all-raw diet. This manual, which includes 135 recipes as well as plenty of guidelines and background information, follows a proven approach to better health, natural weight loss, increased vitality, and healthy lifestyle changes.

Natasha Kyssa is a former international model who has been a raw and living foods vegan for almost twenty years. At the age of forty-seven, she leads an active lifestyle and trains daily, including rock climbing, long distance running, hiking, skiing, yoga, pilates, and cycling. She attributes her strength, well-being, and youthfulness to her raw and living foods diet.

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