Small Bites : Mindfulness for Everyday Use

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“Drawing on her experiences as a Buddhist teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, Annabelle Zinser developed meditation and mindfulness practices for a variety of everyday situations and the transformation of emotional challenges. In short chapters the author demonstrates how to connect the awareness of our breath with focusing our mindfulness on a particular topic at hand, such as: dealing with inferiority complex; recognizing negative thoughts and emotions; taking care of our sexuality; seeing ourancestors within us. This puts us in touch with the healing capacity of the present moment, and gives us a tool to transform even the most difficult and painful aspects of our lives into something joyful and healing. In their simplicity, the meditationsfollow the model of Metta meditation, aiming for the cultivation of our hearts and spirits. They always begin with focusing on the breath but from there expand to addressing a broad spectrum of mental conditions and life situations. Reaching across all faith traditions, Small Bites teaches readers to live in a more grounded and sustainable way and offers mindfulness practices for daily life. “–

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