Small Brass Box


Small circular brass container with a lid topped with a bell

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Why We Love This

Think of this handmade brass box as the keeper of secrets. Use it to store jewelry, treasured stones and private mementos, or to hold incense in a yoga or meditation room. Either way, we love how this simple brass object connects us to ancient craftsmanship.


Brass dates from remote antiquity. A mix of copper and zinc that could be cast or hammered into shape, it was valued for its color, which can range from pale lemon to a deep brown, depending on the zinc content. The earliest brass objects date from 3000 BC, from Babylonia and Assyria, but it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that the material became more commonplace. Not long after the Romans discovered how to produce the metal alloy, brass coins spread throughout the Roman Empire. As time went on, brass was increasingly used for objects in homes and churches. This small brass box from HomArt connects the past to the present.

About the Maker

Serenity, simplicity, and warmth—these qualities resonate throughout HomArt’s collection of objects and furnishings. Sustainability is also at the heart of the California company’s approach to decor. Some of its one-of-a-kind products are discovered on antiquing trips around the world, at Indian souks, Asian bazaars and European flea markets. Others are crafted from recycled materials by artists who transform abandoned materials into new decorative objects with a timeless charm.

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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