Small Feather Quill Pen Writing Set with Ink

A quill pen available in black and blue


Why We Love This

Handmade in Italy, this quill pen set will bring an air of history to any desk, taking a note-writing experience to a whole new level. We love how much skill went into crafting this elegant writing instrument. Perfect for a note or invitation that requires some extra love.


The makers of this small pen have meticulously crafted this writing instrument, starting with the artists’design and the craftsmen’s work. Both the nib and the handle that connects the feather are made with antique styling and traditional techniques using precious metals. Tucked into the box that holds this feather quill pen, ink and antique nib is a piece of parchment paper detailing the history of writing.

About the Maker

Maintaining centuries-old tradition and craftsmanship, the Italian company Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica has made calligraphy and writing instruments since 1980. Located on the edge of the Venice lagoon, this luxury-goods company makes all its pieces by hand using precious metals, handblown glass and all-natural ingredients. The collaboration of four brothers, every product created has been fine-tuned over the years through experience and advances, while still keeping with age-old methods used by their ancestors.

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