Small Lapis Heart


A royal blue mineral considered a deeply peaceful stone


Why We Love This

This rich blue semiprecious stone is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth, and was a symbol of starry nights for several ancient cultures. Since antiquity, lapis lazuli has been sought after for its intense color that is often flecked with gold. We love that this extreme blue stone, cut and polished here into a heart, comes from nature.


Buddhists have always considered lapis a stone that brings inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts. Crystal practitioners believe it activates the higher mind and enhances the intellect, nurturing the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding. They also believe it promotes clear communication with others because it helps remind us of the power of spoken words. Healers prefer it in this heart shape when doing bodywork, using the point of the heart to direct energy to areas of the body. Lapis lazuli is made up of a fusion of several minerals. During the Renaissance it was ground into a costly powder to make an intense blue pigment preferred by artists like Michelangelo. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

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Weight 4.8 oz
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