Smells Like Spells Natural Incense

Natural incense made by hand using select plants and herbs


Why We Love This

In Norse Mythology Freya was the goddess of fertility, love and passion, like Venus or Aphrodite. This candle was made to set the intention of bringing a new love into life. We love this idea, and even more, the fragrance of nag champa and sandalwood it releases.


The multilayered fragrance of this handmade incense comes from a special blend of pure natural botanicals. In many traditions botanical essences are said to help manifest certain qualities in a person’s life. This particular combination of aromatic elements is carefully combined following traditional wisdom, with the idea of enhancing sensuality and romantic love. Smells like Spells believes the effects of this incense begin when the receiver opens the package, as it comes with a detailed description of the aromatic compounds and their purpose. Unlike many other types, this incense contains no wooden heart, no charcoal and no glue, so it works its ritual charms without emitting any toxic elements as it burns.

About the Maker

Ritual spells have been part of eastern European culture since the dark ages. Today, a light-filled studio in Lithuania is where Smells Like Spells creates modern perfumery, candles and incense, balancing daily usage of these items with what they call traditional folk wisdom and a touch of magic. Each product is made by hand from original recipes, with the idea of bringing the timeless enchantment of spells into our everyday lives.

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