Smoky Quartz Freeform Crystal


An uncommon stone believed to provide grounding and cleansing vibes


Why We Love This

Smoky quartz is a mineral stone believed to have the energy to connect us to the natural world and induce a sense of strength and stability while providing a shield against emotional and environmental stress. We love its rare and beautiful transparency that draws light in to its hazy shades of black and brown.


The philosophy of modern crystal healing is based on concepts of life energy that connect the physical body to the spiritual body. Crystal practitioners believe that crystals act as conduits for healing, allowing positive energy to flow into the body and to help release negative energy. Practitioners suggest holding or carrying it to help release tension and ward off negative thoughts, especially when faced with a confusing situation. For environmental healing, smoky quartz is believed to absorb electromagnetic pollutants (EMFs) given off by electronics, cell phones and microwave ovens. This free-form stone, smoothed over to enhance its color and natural features, is ideal to carry in a pocket or pouch. Note that crystal practitioners use crystals for specific purposes. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.

Additional information

Weight 12.0 oz
Dimensions 2.75 in

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