Smudge – Sweetgrass Braid


An entwined wreath of sweetgrass


Why We Love This

Sustainably harvested sweetgrass is dried and cured, then wound into a rustic ring and tied with organic cotton string for the ritualistic cleansing of a space with its sweet scent. We love that each of the three strands of leaves and stalks braided together represent love, kindness and honesty.


Sweetgrass was traditionally burned by Native Americans at the beginning of a prayer ceremony to attract positive energy, with the belief that thoughts and wishes rise with its smoke to be released to the universe. Bundled into the unbreakable form of a circle, this wreath of sweetgrass is meant for sacred practices. When smoldering, its vanilla-tinged sweetness is released to rebalance and replenish positive energy, helping to create a spiritual connection while purifying a room, leaving it enlightened. Perfect for a new home or where an ending meets a beginning, this scent lets one’s spirit interact with nature. Juniper Ridge makes this ceremonial smudge to bring the outdoors in.

About the Maker

Juniper Ridge is committed to bringing the beauty of the untamed landscape√≥from the forest to the desert√≥into one’s home and life. Because their products are made with materials that cannot be bought, they forage mountain meadows, wet earth, beneath fir trees, and along trails of the American West to create all-natural wilderness elixirs. Beginning in the field, these are refined and finished in their Oakland, California workshop. Additionally, 10% of all profits are donated to Western Wilderness Defense organizations.

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