SOHA Concept Oak Cutting Board 004

A cutting board made fro a solid block of oak, in various sizes and patterns


Why We Love This

This kitchen cutting board is carved by a chain saw from a solid block of oak wood. The hand-sculpted details and rich, natural color make Sóha boards unique. Can be used for cutting, serving or display.


This organic object merges authentic Russian craftsmanship with modern industrial design. Artist Denis Milovanov uses oak because of its texture, durability and wide diameter logs. He boils wood in linseed oil, an ancient Russian tradition which expels moisture within the wood, making it less porous and more durable. The linseed oil also releases the wood’s natural colors, giving the surface a distinct finish and emphasizing its texture and grain pattern while protecting it, making it a long-lasting, hard-working heirloom that gets better with age.

About the Maker

Sóha is a conceptual brand of furniture and homewares from Russia, created by Denis Milovanov, a Russian artist and furniture maker, and his producer Alice Bourmistrova. The design of this line is inspired by the simple lifestyle of northern Slavic culture and traditional Russian timber architecture. Working mostly in oak from felled trees, he embraces re-using, recycling and re-thinking traditional materials and methods and has shown his work at Maison et Objet, a prestigious, bi-annual French interior design fair.

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