Spacecruiser Inquiry : True Guidance for the Inner Journey

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Over the past twenty-five years A. H. Almaas‚Ä∞√õ√ìwidely recognized as a leader in integrating spirituality and psychology‚Ä∞√õ√ìhas been developing and teaching the Diamond Approach, a spiritual path that integrates the insights of Sufism, Buddhism, Gurdjieff, and other wisdom traditions with modern psychology. In this new work, Almaas uses the metaphor of a “spacecruiser” to describe a method of exploring the immediacy of personal experience‚Ä∞√õ√ìa way of investigating our moment-by-moment feelings, thoughts, reactions, and behaviors through a process of open-ended questioning. The method is called the practice of inquiry, andSpacecruiser Inquiry reveals what it means to engage with this practice as a spiritual path: its principles, challenges, and rewards.

The author explores basic elements of inquiry, including the open-ended attitude, the focus on direct knowledge, the experience of not-knowing, and the process of questioning. He describes the experience of “Diamond Guidance”‚Ä∞√õ√ìthe inner wisdom that emerges from our true nature‚Ä∞√õ√ìand how it can be realized and applied. In this process Almaas looks at many of the essential forms of Diamond Guidance, including knowing, clarity, truth, love, intelligence, compassion, curiosity, courage, and determination. Also included are exercises and questions and answers from the original talks by Almaas on which the book is based.

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