Species by the Thousands Ceremonial Incense Pack


9 incense sticks of Breu, palo santo and salvia (white sage)


Why We Love This

Uncommon scents for the ritual-creating act of burning incense. Breu, palo santo and salvia white sage are a magical collection in a sleek tin, whose lid, with a tiny hole in the center, acts as an incense stand.


Three sticks each of these powerful scents will keep you blissful. Breu, regarded as a sacred healing sacrament in indigenous cultures, is a resin found in the Amazonian forest. It’s used to protect from negative energy and harness positive energy. Palo santo, from the family of frankincense, has an intoxicating scent that calms and relaxes for emotional and spiritual healing. Salvia white sage, with a slightly sweet scent, is an ancient ember for cleaning and purifying space. Inspired by 1970s earthy culture and conscious of the greater good, Species by the Thousands uses only US-made products with organic materials and fair trade practices. Each stick has an approximate burn time of 50 minutes.

About the Maker

Species by the Thousands, based in Brooklyn, New York seeks out eco-friendly and artisan-made goods. Founder and creative director Erica Bradbury, relies upon instinct and intuition to guide her life and business. Inspired by 1970s design, culture and ideas, she curates items that embrace the earthy, sensual and organic, whether in spell-casting kits or fragrant room scents. Conscious of the greater good, all products are sustainable, US-made with organic materials and fair trade practices.

Additional information

Weight 4.7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2.75 in



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