Species by the Thousands White Magic Spray

A scented room spray said to protect from negative thoughts and energy


Why We Love This

100% natural essential oils of black pepper, petitgrain and geranium are the base of this room fragrance. When we need a little shoring up (or a lot), this spray provides an instant uplift.


White magic uses natural powers for good and selfless purposes and this mist, formulated with organic, all natural ingredients, is a potion designed to do just that. Ideal for any personal space, we especially like using this room spray to create an enclave for meditation or self-reflection. Handmade in Species By The Thousands’ Brooklyn workshop, organic essential oils are balanced by vodka and distilled water for a scented spray that is bottled in an amber glass apothecary bottle, fitted with an atomizer. Store in a cool, dry place and shake well before each use. Species by the Thousands, inspired by 1970s earthy sensuality, designed this aromatic spray to embrace the magic and mystery of nature.

About the Maker

Species by the Thousands, based in Brooklyn, New York seeks out eco-friendly and artisan-made goods. Founder and creative director Erica Bradbury, relies upon instinct and intuition to guide her life and business. Inspired by 1970s design, culture and ideas, she curates items that embrace the earthy, sensual and organic, whether in spell-casting kits or fragrant room scents. Conscious of the greater good, all products are sustainable, US-made with organic materials and fair trade practices.

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Weight 11.2 oz

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