Spiritual Smudge White Sage with Lavender and Palo Santo


A cluster of dried white sage leaves bundled with lavender and a palo santo smudge stick

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Why We Love This

Lavender is associated with the crown chakra, the energy center of higher purpose and spiritual connectivity. Ritual uses for lavender include release of energy blockages, tranquility, spiritual healing and raising vibration.

About the Maker

Spiritual Smudge is the creative coalescence of a floral designer’s rooted understanding of the earth’s flora and a spiritual enthusiast’s penchant for what exists beyond the horizon. The key to the company’s mission is that both makers believe in the sacredness of fire. Just as fire cyclically purges and cleanses the earth, it has the power to help human beings purify and renew. Set an intention with a Spiritual Smudge sage bundle to release what no longer serves and usher in the new. Each piece is handcrafted with the purest ingredients and wrapped with intention and love.

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