Stars Above Us Circle Greeting Card

A 4.25” diameter die-cut constellation card is blank on the back and comes with a recycled red-orange envelope

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Why We Love This

We love the message of support for a special someone on this circle-shaped card: “As long as there are stars above us.” The constellation is printed in teal ink on sky blue paper. Write words of love on the blank backside of this flat card.


The maker of this letterpress circular constellations die-cut card was inspired by the cosmos when they crafted this. Its starry images and sky-inspired colors pop against the bright red-orange envelope, which is made with recycled paper. The card is printed on 100% cotton paper. The blank backside leaves plenty of room to share some love and kind words.

About the Maker

Blackbird Letterpress is a fine-art printmaking studio based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Founded in 2003 by Kathryn Hunter in a friend’s back room, this boutique press blends traditional techniques and organic forms with new technology and contemporary design. Many of the company’s paper goods are meant to bring festive energy to any space. Cards and notebooks—perfect for special musings, drawings and just keeping in touch—are handmade with recycled paper. In the print process, recycled and tree-free materials such as soy-based solvents and low-volatile-organic-compound (VOC) inks are used. That means Blackbird Letterpress is keeping its footprint tiny while having a big impact on brightening the world.

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