Studio Cue “Golda” Hiba Wood 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Foraged from family trees in Japan and distilled into an antibacterial oil

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This essential oil, made by the wellness line Golda at their spiritual retreat in the canyons of Southern California, is filled with an unusually wide spectrum of antibacterial properties. Bark from a rare 300-year-old hiba tree is steam extracted and turned into this essential oil.


The timeless use of essential oils continues into modern day with this hiba wood oil. From deodorizing and freshening air in an enclosed space, to creating a transcendent experience in the steam of a bath, this pure hiba oil is made for an integrative lifestyle. The array of properties is exclusive to this oil, extracted from 300-year old hiba trees in the maker’s hometown of Aomori, Japan. A distinctive aroma of sweet citrus woven with earthy wood is both relaxing and uplifting. Use this essence, in a 10-ml glass vial, in the home and on the body.

About the Maker

Golda is a line of wellness apothecary products developed by a wife and husband team at their daytime retreat, called Studio Cue, in the lush hills of Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon. Keiko Matsuo, a Japanese holistic Qi therapist, and Tsugu Wada, a photographer and artist, focused their passion for creativity and simplicity in this line of healthful products. From the precious, traditional Japanese ingredients to the elegant packaging, Golda benefits home, body and spirit.

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