Studio Cue “Golda” Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist

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A wellness room spray made from essential oil from the ancient hiba tree


Why We Love This

This beneficial combination of rare and potent hiba tree oil and distilled water will transform your room. A glass bottle fitted with a trigger spray, this mist turns any setting into a sacred space for stillness and reflection.


A spritz of this scent is like opening your window to a fragrant and cleansing breeze blowing in from the remote hills of Japan. This elixir is handmade by the duo behind the wellness line, Golda, to create dedicated space for holistic practices and daily mindfulness. Its antibacterial and deodorizing properties purify, while its uplifting scent of citrus is balanced by woodsy undertones. It can also be used as a safe, non-toxic insect repellent. This array of properties is exclusive to this particular type of hiba oil, extracted from 300-year old hiba trees in the maker’s hometown of Aomori, Japan.

About the Maker

Golda is a line of wellness apothecary products developed by a wife and husband team at their daytime retreat, called Studio Cue, in the lush hills of Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon. Keiko Matsuo, a Japanese holistic Qi therapist, and Tsugu Wada, a photographer and artist, focused their passion for creativity and simplicity in this line of healthful products. From the precious, traditional Japanese ingredients to the elegant packaging, Golda benefits home, body and spirit.

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