Sun Signs & Past Lives : Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path


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Reach your full potential with an instant past-life reading based on your Sun sign. Internationally known astrologer Bernie Ashman offers an easy, foolproof way to pinpoint behaviors that may be holding you back from a rewarding life of peace and fulfillment.

You don’t have to know any specialized astrology terms or concepts to use this book‚Äîall you need is your birthday. Sun Signs & Past Lives separates each Sun sign into three energy zones. Simply look up the zone in which your birthday falls and find out your innate strengths and the spiritual lessons you need to learn for this lifetime. Most importantly, you’ll discover how to transform these precious insights into action.

—Learn about your spouse or partner, friends, and loved ones
—Bring about improved health and healing
—Discover your true purpose for this lifetime
—Reverse negative past-life tendencies

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