Sweet Pea 2 Strand Fine Chain Bracelet with Gold Dust


Two strands of gold, flecked with tiny nuggets, warp around the wrist


Why We Love This

A double strand of 18 karat gold chain delicately wraps the wrist. Bits of gold enhance without overwhelming. Said to attract good fortune and comfort, gold energizes the self and the spirit. Finished with the signature Sweet Pea charm at the clasp closure.


In this bracelet, which pairs nicely with the Long Drape Gold Dust Chain Earrings, two golden strands entwine around the wrist. With the power of gold touching the skin, this highly malleable metal is a beneficial element. After working with fashion mavericks Rifat √∑zbek and Alexander McQueen, Sweet Pea Jewelry’s Siobhan O’Neill knows quality and how to color outside the lines. Each 18-karat gold bracelet measures approximately 6.75″ length.

About the Maker

Handmade in London, Sweet Pea Jewelry combines premium and often recycled, unused gold, with rare stones, which founder and designer Siobhan O’Neill crisscrosses the globe to find. Her edgy, unorthodox style comes from working with such fashion icons as Rifat √∑zbek and Alexander McQueen. Her work is influenced by the fashion of glam rock and punk in the 1970s, Hollywood stars from the 1940s and 1950s and haute couture. O’Neill loves a good flea market as well.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz



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