Sweet Satya Calcite Point on Black Cord Necklace


The honey-colored calcite pendant sits on 16-inches of black silken cord right above the heart.


Why We Love This

Transparent calcites like this are helpful in clearing the sacral and solar plexus chakras, zones of passion, pleasure and personal power. Satya works with crystals she admires for their cleansing, grounding and protecting properties.


All of Satya’s natural jewelry is considered transformational. She says each piece is made as she communes with guiding forces to reveal the stone’s superior and individual healing powers. With each stone uniquely chosen, she cuts and drills them herself in order to create the most effective piece. Each one is its own story and no two are ever alike. Necklace has a clasp closure.

About the Maker

Based in Southern California, Satya uses superior minerals, crystals, rocks, gems, beads and natural fibers to make jewelry that she considers instruments of healing. With a background in yoga and hospital and hospice care, her commitment to health and healing runs deep and wide. Devotion to the natural properties of the materials are the basis of Satya’s creative process. She cuts and drills each crystal with her hands to bring out each stone’s strengths. Considered transformational jewelry, she harnesses the purifying and healing energies from these natural materials, and handcrafts each beautiful design.

Additional information

Weight 8.0 oz
Dimensions 16 in


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