Tall Votive Glass Candle

A non-toxic, non-allergenic beeswax candle that purifies the air

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Why We Love This

This votive candle, with coordinating glass holder, is made from 100% ethically sourced, pure Canadian beeswax. In gold, a color said to inspire inquisitiveness, new ideas and success, it gives us a sense of warmth. We like setting it on a mirror to reflect the light and amplify the effect.


Pheylonian Bee Works makes all of their products based on principles of quality, purity and integrity. Beeswax is naturally non-toxic and non-allergenic. It is also slow-burning so these candles are long-lasting. When burned, beeswax organically emits negative ions, which clear the air of pollutants, making a space cleaner and healthier. This slender candle creates a soft, sweet aroma and calming and consistent light that is ideal for meditation, relaxation or to simply change the atmosphere of a room. Only safe, natural dyes are used to color the wax and the wicks are self-trimming, requiring no maintenance.

About the Maker

Based in historic Napanee, Ontario, Canada, Pheylonian Bee Works is a family run business that has been creating all-natural beeswax candles for over 40 years. Each candle, wax to wick, is made using only pure, raw materials with time-honored methods. They maintain a close relationship with ecologically responsible beekeepers who are committed to protecting bees as they become more endangered. The raw beeswax is harvested from a pesticide-free alfalfa and clover field region in the Canadian prairies.

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