Tantric Sex For Women : A Guide For Lesbian, Bi, Hetero, And Solo Lovers


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Using an inclusive, empowering approach, this book explains how every woman ? heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual or solo ? can add relish to sexual encounters and increase her pleasure through use of tantric methods. In a warm, knowledgeable tone, Christa Schulte explains all the basics of tantric sex, including how to become more body-aware, how to cultivate pleasure using all five senses and how to practice “Tara-tantra,” a woman-centered tantric method of her own creation.

Exercises form the heart of the book and cover numerous practical strategies for helping women enhance their sensitivity, remove barriers to fulfilling experiences, and explore the spiritual dimension of their sexuality. Not only does Tantric Sex for Women show its readers how to expand and enhance sexual gratification, it promotes an attitude of remaining open to the many ecstasies of everyday life.

This book contains crucial information for women of every sexual orientation interested in fulfilling their sexual and sensual potential.

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