The Organic Company Organic Cotton Pique Hand Hair Towel

Organic cotton pique weave hand or hair towel


Why We Love This

Wet hair deserves a little love after a bath or steam, and this lightweight Hand Hair Towel is the perfect solution. we’re especially impressed by the thoughtful looped strip of fabric tape that ensures it stays put, proving that a little attention to detail can provide joy during a daily routine.


The makers of this Hand Hair Towel not only pay some serious attention to detail, but they also realize that the impact of what we do today leaves a footprint on our future. that’s why good intentions are considered as important as designóand attention and caring to the way in which these towels are made is paramount to the maker’s philosophy. In fact, The Organic Company says, “Caring is the new cool.” The workers, the farmers and the weavers are provided with exemplary conditions at every stage of the production change and only 100% organic cotton is used. So not only are we doing something good for ourselves when we use this Hand Hair Towel, but we’re also doing something good for the world in which we live.

About the Maker

The Organic Company is a Danish company, founded by Joy Vasiljev in 2007, that produces tasteful yet versatile organic textiles for the home. The company’s design aesthetic is Scandinavian simplicity that maintains a focus on function and quality. Everything is made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. That means not only is quality high and the fabric used organic, but also the hands that go into producing the materials are protected, as international workers’ rights are met and no toxic chemicals are used along the way. Stringent monitoring and testing at all stages of the production chain ensures everyone is protected. Respect for workers and the environment is part of the foundation of this company’s values.

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Weight 8 oz




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