The Village Common Room Spray

An organic room spray inspired by memories of the California coast


Why We Love This

Each memorable scent is a snapshot of a noteworthy landscape and is accompanied by an original poem written by the makers. South of Monterey, named for a sojourn to the rugged Big Sur coastline, is a blend of eucalyptus and native herbs.


ìJust south of Monterey you will find a home for you, of solitude and peace of mind,î writes Blake Hays. That is what this aroma induces; a feeling of deep serenity and bold stillness. The secrets of the grand and epic coastline of Big Sur are revealed in this fragrance, a combination of eucalyptus, basil and sage. Made from all-natural witch hazel, distilled water and 100% pure essential oils, this elixir is bottled in old-fashioned, apothecary glass. Organically made and synthetic-free, this scent is perfect for home, office and linens, and can also be used on the body.

About the Maker

Blake Hays and Benjamin Lebel created Village Common as a legacy for their respective families. A New Jersey antiques and apothecary shop and a Louisiana custom goods country store, built from their family passions, were merged into this company. This modern mercantile, rooted in traditional American handcrafts, is now based in Pennsylvania and curates handmade goods and unique vintage finds.

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Weight 15.5 oz

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