The Village Common Scented Candle

A soy wax candle inspired by the village of Avenel, New Jersey


Why We Love This

Each Village Common all-natural, handmade candle is designed to call up a memorable place and is accompanied by an original poem written by the makers. This candle is a heady floral that continues the family legacy in Avenel, New Jersey.


Owner Blake Hays’poem states “‚Ķmore to come, Avenel, where it all came from.” Named for the owner’s grandmother’s original shop in Avenel, New Jersey, this candle is made in small batches in the Pennsylvania workshop. Each candle, with a 70-hour burn time, is poured into an 8-ounce glass jar. This all-natural, handmade candle is a blend of 100% eco-friendly soy wax and pure essential oils. The rosy geranium note is the heart of this fragrance, with sage and patchouli grounding the floral notes.

About the Maker

Blake Hays and Benjamin Lebel created Village Common as a legacy for their respective families. A New Jersey antiques and apothecary shop and a Louisiana custom goods country store, built from their family passions, were merged into this company. This modern mercantile, rooted in traditional American handcrafts, is now based in Pennsylvania and curates handmade goods and unique vintage finds.

Additional information

Weight 17.4 oz




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