Three Arrows Leather Maikoda Deerskin Medicine Bag


Based on a traditional Native American medicine bag, a raised crystal quartz pyramid adorns the front of this hand-stitched pouch


Why We Love This

Native Americans carry meaningful keepsakes or talismans around their necks in a traditional medicine pouch for protection, good luck and healing. Made from buckskin, this bag has a crystal quartz pyramid set into the raw-edged flap, both embellishing it and weighting it closed.


Miakoda is a Native American term meaning “the power of the moon.” This bag is intended to bring power to the wearer. Designer and maker Sessann Orne, inspired by the customs of indigenous cultures and natural materials, uses natural forms and high quality stones and beads for her organic, one-of-a-kind designs. Made in the high desert of New Mexico, locally sourced deerskin leather is hand-cut and hand-sewn into this pouch. Sides are adorned with beaded leather tassels. Available in two colors: bone and black.

About the Maker

In 2009, designer Sessann Orne, founder of Three Arrows Leather, left a 13-year career as a brand manager and trend forecaster in Los Angeles and followed her heart to the high desert of New Mexico, where she lives off the grid in an earthship home and crafts leather accessories and items for the home. All of her designs are inspired by an Angeleno rock-n-roll vibe blended with her love of indigenous cultures and the untamed, southwest landscape. Handcrafted from locally sourced materials, each piece is hand-cut and hand-stitched, so no two are exactly alike.

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