Three Kingdoms : A Historical Novel


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The Three Kingdoms gives us The Iliad of China. First of the five great works of traditional prose fiction, this master narrative transforms history into epic and has thereby educated and entertained readers of five centuries with unforgettable exemplars of martial and civic virtue, of personal fidelity and political treachery. Moss Roberts’s translation, the first complete rendering in English, is one of surpassing excellence and impeccable scholarship. It should delight and captivate Western readers for many more years to come.”–Anthony C. Yu, University of Chicago

“Moss Roberts’s elegant and powerful translation of China’s most important historical romance has a stunning directness that aptly conveys the dramatic boldness of the original episodic narrative. English readers may now finally understand why this 15th-century novel so strategically shaped the political world-view of generations of Chinese.”–Frederic Wakeman, Director of the Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

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