Tie Dye Dupatta Scarf

All-natural, hand-dyed cotton fabric is a wrap or a scarf


Why We Love This

A 100% cotton sheath of handwoven fabric is tie-dyed with indigo, creating a lush wrap that takes the wearer from day to night, beach to bedroom. Deep warm blue is said to relate to intuition and inner harmony. We think wearing this wrap may make us feel more than just warmth.


A dupatta is a long, multipurpose scarf traditionally worn in Southeast Asian styles of dress. A cultural symbol of modesty, it’s become a predominate accessory throughout the region as well as in many other cultures because of its easy elegance and versatility. Expertly and artistically tied and dipped in indigo, a simple organic pattern is formed and no two are exactly alike. Wear as a cape, sarong, or over the shoulders and open at the front. Focused on fair trade business practices, Auntie Oti sources all domestic goods directly from their makers, and believes handmade products contribute to a life well lived. We agree.

About the Maker

Village to village in every region of India, Auntie Oti seeks essential articles for a meaningful lifestyle. All goods, whether home wares or clothing, are handmade by skilled artisan—forgers, dyers, weavers—born into a tradition of community-based textile production. Everything, from bowls to shawls, show an attention to detail from materials to craftsmanship not found in mass production. No two pieces are alike, which only makes them more special.

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